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Martyr – You Are Next

20th March 2016 Reinier de Vries

Dutch cult band Martyr known for their classic ‘For the Universe’ and their most famous track “Speed Of Samurai” releases their fourth album end of this month. The band already started when half of our readers [Read »]

Album Reviews

Sinbreed – Master Creator

21st February 2016 Reinier de Vries

The third album of Sinbreed is again a step ahead. Compared with the predecessor ‘Shadows’ there didn’t change a lot. Perhaps you can say that the songs are even better written and have more quality. With [Read »]

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Septagon – Deadhead Syndicate

4th February 2016 Reinier de Vries

Markus Ullrich and Jürgen Schrank both known from Lanfear, Markus Becker (Atlantean Kodex), Alexander Palma and Stef Binnig Gollub form this German band. After an intro, the first track “Revolt Against the Revolution” sets off and immediately [Read »]

Album of the Month

Textures – Phenotype

27th January 2016 Wade Reitz Wade Reitz

Science was never one of my strongest classes in school. I was not an idiot, but I was not a star either. Like most people, different topics would catch my interest and I would excel, [Read »]

Album Reviews

Overdoze – Supreme Dosage

24th January 2016 Matt Fabi

This is a pretty decent first attempt from 3-piece Finnish thrashers Overdoze. There’s a lot of raw power which is good, but it needs direction, and if only the mixing was better I could be [Read »]

Album Reviews

Gama Bomb – Untouchable Glory

28th October 2015 Reinier de Vries

A thrash album inspired by vintage kung fu movies, isn’t that cool? Well, I don’t know, but I was surprised that this band from Northern Ireland already exists since 2002. It almost seems like yesterday [Read »]