Album Reviews

Rex Brown – Smoke On This

1st August 2017 Liam Savage

Venturing out on your own in a musical capacity can be a daunting task at times, especially with a solid history of band collaborations that has yielded a ton of success.  Such is the case [Read »]

Album of the Month

White Widdow – Silhouette

28th December 2016 Wade Reitz

We like what we like. Whether it be food, beer, a certain brand of shoes, whatever, we are all individuals in what we favor. This is especially true when it comes to music. While in [Read »]

Album Reviews

Mortiis – The Great Deceiver

12th March 2016 Thomas Nielsen

I am puzzled. The only release I know by former Emperor bassist Mortiis is ‘The Stargate’ from 1999. I love it. Atmospheric, ambient soundscapes, oozing of medieval darkness and mystery. Fascinating stuff. Yet, I for [Read »]

Album Reviews

Megaherz – Erdwärts

6th December 2015 Markus Falkenberg

Clown make-up. The singer is wearing clown make-up. If you should worry that this is a hint that they play something akin to a certain American band that is well known for wearing clown make-up, [Read »]