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Soen – Lykaia

16th February 2017 Wade Reitz Wade Reitz

With some bands, or music, you have a connection from the start. Whether it be the style, the band has a member, or members, of a favorite band, or it just hits you at the [Read »]

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Jupiter Hollow – Odyssey

11th February 2017 Liam Savage

I’m always encouraged when I hear a debut musical project that offers an approach that comes off as seasoned and professional.  It’s hard to pull off a really great debut in a lot of ways.  [Read »]

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An Endless Sporadic – Magic Machine

28th September 2016 Liam Savage

I’m the type of music fan who’s a sucker for great instrumental music.  I crave something that stands out, something that draws in your attention through ability and talent.  For those in the know about [Read »]

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Opeth – Sorceress

27th September 2016 Kenn Jensen

This new album from Opeth might be the most anticipated album in progressive circles this year. Michael Åkerfeldt has never been shy to take his band to new and untested territory. From the early pretty [Read »]

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Toto – Live at Montreux 1991

25th September 2016 Kenn Jensen

Toto operated in a short period of time as a four-piece constellation consisting of David Paich (Keyboards), Steve Lukather (Guitars & vocals), Mike Porcaro (Bass) and Jeff Pocaro (Drums). They played the famous Montreaux jazz-festival [Read »]

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Saga – Live in Hamburg

27th August 2016 Kenn Jensen

Saga has been a steady presence in my music world since the early 1980s, and I have had the opportunity to see them live on numerous occasions and they never failed to impress live on [Read »]

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*Frost – Falling Satellites

25th May 2016 Liam Savage

*Frost are one of the more mysterious, yet praised bands in all of progressive music.  Giving a very unique sound to the masses with lots of variety in their output is one point that gives [Read »]

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Astrakhan – Adrenaline Kiss

22nd May 2016 Liam Savage

Astrakhan, hailing from Sweden, have arrived with album number two in the form of “Adrenaline Kiss”.  Featuring acclaimed singer Alexander Lycke (known for singing in productions of “Jesus Christ Superstar”,” Hair”, “American Idiot” and “Les [Read »]

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Mabachus – Petroglyph

12th May 2016 Liam Savage

My first foray into Mabachus came with late 2012’s “The Great Culling”.  What immediately struck me about the Toronto quartet was their willingness to take chances and make something that wasn’t defined by a predominate [Read »]