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Adagio – Life

27th July 2017 Reinier de Vries

More than seven years after the release of Archangels in Black, the new album of Stéphan Forté and his band Adagio is done. The band again has many new members, of which Kelly Sundown Carpenter is [Read »]

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Klabautamann – Smaragd

14th June 2017 Liam Savage

Music that showcases many styles and layers to encompass a band sound is always welcome to me.  I enjoy reading about the aspects of a group’s sound before delving in aurally.  With Klabautamann, the black [Read »]

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Royal Hunt – 2016

8th June 2017 Kenn Jensen

This is the live album all Royal Hunt fans somehow knew was coming for a couple of reasons. First of all, having already released a live recording in both 1996 and 2006 this was meant [Read »]

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Vanden Plas – The Seraphic Live Works

7th June 2017 Kenn Jensen

Vanden Plas has been an important part of the European Progressive Metal scene since the early 1990s, but has only released one live album, Spirit of Live in 2000, prior to The Seraphic Live Works. Unfortunately, this new [Read »]

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Pyramaze – Contingent

7th May 2017 Kenn Jensen

It’s actually pretty impressive that Pyramaze has been able to deliver one fantastic album after another if you take into consideration just how many people have been involved in the five albums they’ve released since [Read »]

Album Reviews

Behind The Sun – Post Solis

13th March 2017 Liam Savage

Hailing from South Carolina, American newcomers Behind The Sun are debuting in the metal world with their own take on progressive death.  It’s an approach which isn’t immediately recognizable or comparable to their contemporaries.  For [Read »]