Album Reviews

Striker – Striker

23rd February 2017 Wade Reitz

Some of you may recall in December I wrote about being clueless to the greatness of White Widdow. Well, here I go again. While reading a list of highly anticipated albums for 2017 on another [Read »]

Album Reviews

Theory – The Art Of Evil

14th February 2017 Reinier de Vries

Well, I didn’t see this one coming. A colleague of mine asked if I would be interested in reviewing a debut album of the Danish progressive power metal band Theory. Although I still only have [Read »]

Album Reviews

Firewind – Immortals

29th January 2017 Kenn Jensen

Gus G. and Firewind is a long serving member of the European Power Metal scene, and after a five year hiatus they’ve returned with a new album “Immortals”. And on this conceptual album they take [Read »]

Album Reviews

Avenford – New Beginning

20th January 2017 Markus Falkenberg

“Courage”, “face your fears”, “keep on fighting” are all tropes that you see a lot in all Metal genres and not just in Power Metal. The only difference is that Power Metal embraces these tropes [Read »]