Album Reviews

Lik – Carnage

4th May 2018 Reinier de Vries

Many old school Swedish death metal lovers find Left Hand Path and Like An Ever Flowing Stream, the holy grails of the typical Swedish style. Well, they are right, but they forget to mention one band. [Read »]

Album Reviews

Accuser – The Mastery

27th January 2018 Reinier de Vries

Accuser is a thrash band from Germany, but not playing typical German thrash. Die-hard thrash fans know the band already from the late eighties and the nineties. After their 1997 release they quit, getting real active [Read »]


25th January 2018 Reinier de Vries

From 1986 to 1996, Accu§er were a mainstay within the national and international metal scenes. Especially albums such as Who Dominates Who (1989) and Repent (1992) are an impressive display of the Siegen, Germany-based group’s [Read »]