SamadhiSitaram releases video premiere of the track ‘SHANGRI LA’ exclusive via ‘Power of Metal.dk’

4th November 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Russian deathcore band SamadhiSitaram premieres new videoclip, entitled “SHANGRI LA“, 8th track taken from the album – “KaliYuga Babalon”, released on July 14 via Sliptrick records. Links: https://deadpulse.com/product/samadhi-sitaram-kaliyuga-babalon/ https://www.facebook.com/samadhisitaram/ http://samadhi-sitaram.space https://www.instagram.com/samadhisitaram/ https://vk.com/samadhisitaram https://www.facebook.com/sliptrickrecords/ http://www.sliptrickrecords.com


Video: SamadhiSitaram “Qliphoth” [Censored Version]

8th September 2017

Russian djent/math metal band SamadhiSitaram have posted a new video for their track “Qliphoth”, the song taken from “KaliYuga Babalon” released by Sliptrick records on July 14. https://youtu.be/GuzUbvI5r_Q https://deadpulse.com/product/samadhi-sitaram-kaliyuga-babalon/ http://samadhi-sitaram.space  https://www.facebook.com/samadhisitaram/  https://vk.com/samadhisitaram


SAMADHI SITARAM Release Official Video For ‘Qliphoth’

10th August 2017

Russian group Samadhi Sitaram have just dropped their second video release from their new album KaliYuga Babalon. This is an +18 rated official video showcasing Samadhi Sitaram usual array of provocative images and genre bending music. Qliphoth twists and turns from melancholy [Read »]