8th April 2018 Markus Falkenberg

Few German rock acts can look back at as long and successful a career as Bonfire. Counting their predecessor – a group called Cacumen, which was also founded by Hans Ziller and featured more or [Read »]

Album Reviews

Headless Crown

30th March 2018 Reinier de Vries

One of the last reviews I did in the year 2015 was the debut Time For Revolution of this Swiss band Headless Crown. I was very enthusiastic about their debut. Music with influences of Accept, Iron Maiden, [Read »]

Album Reviews

Loudness – Rise To Glory

10th February 2018 Reinier de Vries

The Law of Devil’s Land and Dissilusion are still my favorite Loudness albums. Especially ‘Crazy Doctor’ and the magnificant intro ‘Exploder’ followed by ‘Dream Fantasy’ were my favorite songs. Singer Minoru Niihara had such an accent that [Read »]


21st January 2018 Kenn Jensen

Rebellion is a German power-metal band. It was formed in 2001 when guitarist Uwe Lulis left Grave Digger in 2000, taking ex-Grave Digger bassist Tomi Göttlich with him. Their first album was a concept album [Read »]


2nd January 2018 Reinier de Vries

Of course there are bands that have garnered higher chart positions, sold more albums and filled bigger venues than Anvil. Yet there are few metal acts that have earned as much respect from their colleagues [Read »]