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Eclipse – Monumentum

18th April 2017 Kenn Jensen

Erik Mårtensson is one the premiere song writers and producers in the hard rock world these days, and he has worked on numerous first class hard rock releases. However, his number one project has always been [Read »]

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One Desire – One Desire

17th April 2017 Kenn Jensen

One Desire has some connections to Sturm und Drang. While the former is your basic power metal band with a few hard rock influences, it’s the other way around on One Desire’s self-titled debut album. [Read »]

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Night Ranger – Don’t Let Up

8th April 2017 Kenn Jensen

Night Ranger seems like a band that has been around forever, but never really hitting the jackpot. They do not have the signature song that you remember and associate them with like so many of [Read »]

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Deep Purple – inFinite

3rd April 2017 Kenn Jensen

The sticker on the album says: “Rock Album of the Year”, a statement I can fully support and agree with. The true dinosaurs of rock (342 years combined) show that they have not forgotten how [Read »]

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Place Vendome – Close to the Sun

27th March 2017 Kenn Jensen

Michael Kiske is surely one the best German metal vocalists to ever walk the Earth. His talent alone has helped elevate many albums to something extraordinary. However, in this case he’s only able to rescue [Read »]

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Chickenfoot – Best + Live

19th March 2017 Kenn Jensen

Decisions of record companies do not always make sense. Take this release for instance. Chickenfoot has only released two studio albums and a live album, so this new best of and live double album doesn’t [Read »]

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Thunder – Rip It Up

25th February 2017 Kenn Jensen

In many ways you can say that Thunder and Tesla share similar faith: both had some commercial success early on, both have never release a bad album; ranging from rock solid over very good to [Read »]

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Black Star Riders – Heavy Fire

15th February 2017 Kenn Jensen

There no denying where their roots lies: Thin Lizzy. And on album number three they still wear their influences on their sleeves, but no one would have it any other way… after all they’ve done [Read »]