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Chickenfoot – Best + Live

19th March 2017 Kenn Jensen

Decisions of record companies do not always make sense. Take this release for instance. Chickenfoot has only released two studio albums and a live album, so this new best of and live double album doesn’t [Read »]

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Thunder – Rip It Up

25th February 2017 Kenn Jensen

In many ways you can say that Thunder and Tesla share similar faith: both had some commercial success early on, both have never release a bad album; ranging from rock solid over very good to [Read »]

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Black Star Riders – Heavy Fire

15th February 2017 Kenn Jensen

There no denying where their roots lies: Thin Lizzy. And on album number three they still wear their influences on their sleeves, but no one would have it any other way… after all they’ve done [Read »]

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Hevidence – Nobody’s Fault

14th January 2017 Kenn Jensen

Former DGM guitarist Diego Reali is the man behind Hevidence, and on this sophomore album – first album “There’s Only Ten Left” was released under the Evidence banner in 2011 – he takes us back [Read »]

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Enuff Z’nuff – Clowns Lounge

18th December 2016 Kenn Jensen

Enuff Z’nuff or should I say Donnie Vie and Chip Z’nuff have much to my surprise been releasing albums on a regular basis for more than 30 years since their formation in 1984. Vie has [Read »]

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FM – Indiscreet 30

22nd November 2016 Kenn Jensen

“Indiscreet” was the very first sign of life from British hard rock institution FM back in 1986, and 30 years later they’ve re-recorded the whole thing, bringing it up to today’s standard soundwise. Their debut [Read »]

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Pretty Maids – Kingmaker

30th October 2016 Kenn Jensen

Pretty Maids is a life-long companion of mine; their two stellar 80s releases “Red, Hot and Heavy” and “Future World” are important parts of the soundtrack of my youth. Being the local heroes from Horsens, [Read »]