Markus Falkenberg – Staff Poll 2016

Top Metal Albums of the Year

1. Battlesword – Banners of Destruction

There are many bands that blend Heavy Metal and Death Metal, but I appreciated this album a bit more than most. Particularly the title track won me over, but the rest of the album is also a keeper. One can literally hear how much music means to the band.



2. Martyrion – Our Dystopia

And Death Metal again. Dark, melodic and visually impressive in a “Fallout” way. Martyrion is definitely an interesting band that knows that there is also a visual aspect to music, but rest assured: They also know how to play.



3. Souls of Tide -She’s Dead (Single)

Yes, I know that this is “just” a single, but the song grew on me over the time in a way that I had not expected. ‘Norwegian Rock” is about to gain another fan as it seems, namely *me*.


There are many other bands that gained my attention throughout the year, but their albums were either released back in 2015, or are going to be released in 2017. So please, accept my apologies that this particular list is so short this time.

Best Newcomer of the Year

Martyrion – Our Dystopia

There is a reason why I mention these apocalyptic warriors twice: They deserve it!


Best Metal Songs of the Year

1. Battlesword – Banners of Destruction

I mentioned them before and there is a reason for this. I simply like the band and particularly this song gives me the shivers!


2. Proll Guns – Troublemaker
The song is obviously a guilty pleasure of mine, but so what? Metal shouldn’t take itself too seriously. 🙂


Proll Guns @ Facebook

Best Videos of the Year

Am I really supposed to post something from Martyrion AGAIN? Nope. Just check out their videos above. Oh, and also give the other videos a try. Particularly Souls of Tide “She’s Dead” is pretty well done!

Biggest Surprise of the Year

Galmet. Obviously Galmet. Vocalists like Angela Gossow have shown time and time again that Death Metal and female vocalists are not mutually exclusive, but to see a serious all-girl Japanese Death Metal band that can keep up with any Western Death Metal band is not an everyday occurrence, or maybe it is? Maybe bands like Galmet are much more normal than bands like let’s say Babymetal, or Ladybaby? Anyway, Galmet plays excellent Death Metal. Go and see them live, if you can!

Galmet Live Review on En.Core

Galmet @ Facebook


Top Artist of the Year

Any artist who goes out there and creates art is my top artist. No matter which instrument you play, no matter which genre you play, no matter whether you even play Heavy Metal or some other genre, no matter whether you invest your creative energies into something that is not even remotely music related: Keep on going! It is people like you who make this world a more beautiful place!

I salute you!

Top Concerts of the Year

1. Sober Truth at Valhalla Metal Club

I have seen quite a lot of fun gigs this year and I enjoyed all of them. Be it Annihilator, Overkill, or some other big name. They entered the stage and delivered just what the fans expected. This is also why I decided to reserve this particular spot for a more underground band: Sober Truth.
The band packs quite some punch live!

Sober Truth @ Facebook

2. Annihilator
Jeff Waters was still struggling with a cold which prevented a previously planned interview from happening, but it was still a fun gig with me getting squashed at the side of the stage.

Annihilator Live Review

I have seen many other bands live this year and they were all fun! So please, if you happen to be a musician from a band I saw live then don’t feel bad about not getting a mention here. You delivered a great show!


Biggest Disappointment of the Year

Phil Anselmo, definitely Phil Anselmo. People make mistakes, people wisen up and then make the same mistake again and that against better knowledge. Yes, I know, I know. I still appreciate Anselmo as an artist, but THIS was definitely a disappointment.

Also, what about the Iranian Metal band Confess? We and many other publications wrote about them earlier this year, but their situation has not really changed since then.  They are still up for trail in Iran and are likely in for a lengthy prison sentence, if not even the death penalty!

Biggest Wishes for the coming Year

In respect to music/art I hope for a new year that is marked by a spike in creativity. Also, I hope for new musicians to enter the scene. We need your creativity, because without you there would be no HEAVY METAL!!!

Also, can somebody be so kind and arrange Confess’ escape from Iran?

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