Power of Metal.dk Review

2.0 (EP)
Style: Rock
Release date: 15 June, 2013
Playing time: 18:30

Female vocalists seem to be on the rise again in rock music. I still find people that are turned off by female vocals for some reason, but to them I must point out that they are missing some amazing music! Take this French band, Alternine. This band broke up in 2009, but they are now back with an EP that will floor you.

Yes, this is rock. It has some very interesting prog influences, but I would put it more in the alternative rock genre. The band doesn't like to “define” their style much, so I won't go into anymore of that. Suffice it to say that this band plays a sometimes ethereal, sometimes aggressive, and sometimes beautiful style of rock music. The guitars are usually high-tuned somewhat, and the rhythm section is very well defined and articulated. There are portions with electronic touches which add a really nice atmosphere to the whole EP. In summary, their sound is prolific and familiar, but really well done.

This band, however, wouldn't be the same without Laetitia Jéhanno, the vocalist. She has quite a voice, and she has an extremely dynamic style. In just one song, you will hear her sing delicate lines, growl somewhat, get aggressive, and hit amazing high notes. I am really, really, impressed with her talent. She takes the good music, and she elevates it so much. Her style is just so hard to describe. It's beautiful, but hard-hitting. It's vulnerable, but powerful. But, of all adjectives, it's colossal. Her voice is so huge, but she is talented enough to subdue it whenever she needs.

The combination of her voice and the excellent music is very impressive, and I hope that more people pay attention to this new EP, “2.0”. I would say my favorite song is “Hollow”, as I really enjoy the especially strong vocal lines and the electronic portion through the middle. This song is a great representative for the rest of the EP. Overall, this is a worthy use of your time, and you'll be glad you gave this great new EP a listen.

01. Crystal Shards
02. Beneath the Sun
03. Hollow
04. Salvya
05. Dead on Time
Label: Independent
Distribution: Alternine @ Bandcamp
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 17 November, 2013
Website: alternine.com