Zombie Driftwood
The Soundtrack from the movie
Style: Black Metal
Release date: December 10th 2010
Playing time: 75:01

I have always thought that if my neighbors decide to go to watch a horror movie, to be their experience indeed pleasant, they must listen to music I like…  They already have this opportunity! (But they did not take my point of view with enthusiasm when I lighted them on this point).


Fortunately this is not Hollywood. This is Zombie Driftwood! What I hate the most is to be bloodshed at the background of some mealy-mouthed songs. However this is a collection from sinister black metal tracks. In the selection are included names legends (EMPEROR, INSAHN, ABSU), approved bands with more than four albums (GNAW THEIR TONGUES, ANAAL NATHRAKH), young bands and exotic phenomena as the guys from India DEMONIC RESSURECTION. The only band with two songs (the opening and the closing one) is the industrial metal project OCTOBER FILE who also participate in the actors stuff of the movie.


In this selection there are songs which when you are listening to there is no need to watch anything! They sound as extermination by themselves. Pagan, sympho or death, fast, keyboard presented, grind and noise – it is black metal in all its types, and it founded its proper place in the soundtrack. Candlelight Records fulfilled brilliantly the task to gather this collection! Besides the fact that they have these bands in their catalogue, the label chose the necessary songs. Ten from the thirteen bands have resent releases from 2010. So, the grave diggers of the black metal are invited to visit the cinema!


The ominous cover artwork as if coming from commix strengthens the metal taste of such a release. Some bands which albums may bore you here sound extremely pleasant. You may even discover great bands in this soundtrack. I declare categorically – bravo!!!

01. October File - Falter
02. Ihsahn - The Barren Lands
03. Absu - In The Name Of Auebothiabathabaithobeuee
04. Divinity - Beg To Consume
05. Altar Of Plagues - Earth: As A Womb [Edit]
06. Blood Of Kingu - Those That Wander Amidst The Stars
07. Emperor - Thus Spake The Nightspirit
08. Obsidian - Illuminate
09. Gnaw Their Tongues - L'arrivee De La Terne Mort
     Triomphante [Edit]
10. Wodensthrone - Leodum On Lande [Edit]
11. Winterfylleth - Fields Of Reckoning
12. Demonic Resurrection - The Unrelenting Surge Of
13. Woe - Hatred Is Our Heart
14. Abigial Williams - Into The Ashes
15. Anaal Nathrakh - I Am The Wrath Of Gods And
     The Desolation Of The Earth Music
16. October File - Isolation
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Plastic Head Music
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: December 13th 2010
Website: www.zombiedriftwood.com