Vengeance Rising
Release date: November 10th 2006
Label: Limb Music Productions
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Style: Power Metal
Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: January 8th 2007

Brooklyn, New York City, 1996; Grunge, Rap and Hip Hop dominate the American charts. One day ex-Gothic Knight’s singer George Tsalikis made a decision: he wanted to get Heavy Metal back to the position it once had in the Eighties: At the top. 

Well George has not reached his goal yet, but after releasing two demos with his band Zandelle they got signed to the Limb Music Products label in 2002 and released the “Twilight on Humanity” album the same year. Zandelle have also played with killer bands such as Helstar, Fates Warning, Savatage, Saxon and Pain of Salvation. 

Now George and Zandelle are back with a new album called “Vengeance Rising” and it kicks off right where “Twilight on Humanity” left us, with a great mix of US Power Metal (Helstar, Jag Panzer and Warlord) and Euro Metal (Iron Maiden, Hammerfall and older Blind Guardian).

One thing that sets Zandelle apart from the countless other bands in the same genre is their ability to write catchy and epic tunes. Just take a listen to tunes such as “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, “Ancient Tale of Valor” or the last track on the album, the incredible “Necromancer” over nine minutes of killer metal.

The only weak point is the cheesy cover artwork it looks like something from a cheap private pressing limited to 81 copies. 

Recommended tracks: The entire album.