Release date: September 12th 2006
Label: Auburn Records
Provided by: Auburn Records
Website: -
Style: Old School Heavy Metal
Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Jřrgen Ditlev
Date: February 18th 2007

Cleveland based band Wretch was formed back in the early 1980's and recorded several demo’s before they got their vinyl debut on the legendary Auburn compilation “Heavy Artillery” in 1990, but in the early 1990's the band broke up. But with the help of Auburn label boss Bill Peters they have reformed, and their first full-length album “Reborn” has been released. 

“Reborn” is my first encounter with Wretch, and I was blown away by their old school mixture of Metal Church, Attacker and Iron Maiden. This album is just stuffed with killer tracks like the fast “I am Storm”, the epic “Nothing” and the seven minute killer “’Til Death do us Part”, which have all of the band’s trademarks: raw vocals, blistering guitar duels and a pounding double bass. 

You can support this great band by picking up “Reborn” at Hellion, Else’s Metal Mail Order or directly by Auburn Records where you also can find great stuff like Breaker, Destructor and Shok Paris.

Wretch are also confirmed at the Headbangers Open Air in Germany together with Rage, Halloween, Warning SF among others. 

Recommended tracks: The entire album kicks ass.