Style: Progressive / Symphonic Rock
Release date: October 19th 2007

Mr. V of Vintersörg fame returns with the second album from his one-man side project Waterclime. Progressive and symphonic rock with small journeys into jazz and folk territory is the name of the game, and most of the songs are built around many layers of vocals and fine nuances of keyboard sounds, giving each song an almost 'organic' touch.

The keyboard sounds create the atmosphere, yet there is still plenty of room in the instrumentation for guitars, bass and drums, as well as some more unique sounding instruments like mellotron, flutes and organs.

'Imaginative' has a nice flow like an ever flowing mountain stream: clean and fresh. But that is also where the excitement stops, because even though Mr. V has created loads of huge soundscapes and sound collages I do miss the interesting hook-line, the exciting chorus or the out the world riff. Sure there is plenty of emotional soundscapes, but where's the explosion?

I like the instrumentation and the atmosphere with its Nordic influences, but can't get too excited with the album in general. No song stands out, and when all is said and done I have trouble remembering a single part or song...

''Imaginative' is an average journey into symphonic and progressive rock seen through Mr. V's eyes and ears, one that'll surely find it's fans among genre freaks, but not many outside will pay any attention to this album, but if you are into this kind of rock or is on the lookout for an emotional and atmospheric rock album, then I suggest you'd give this one a chance...

01. Vision or Void
02. Flashes
03. The Angel and the Fireball
04. Moonstream Portrait
05. Starshine Theater
06. A Journey to the Center of the Soul
07. Sunset Morning
08. Body Migrated
09. Twilight
Label: Lion Music
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier / Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: November 10th 2007
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