Visions of Atlantis
Style: Symphonic Metal
Release date: May 28th 2007

If you are into Symphonic Metal, you should check this CD out. Visions of Atlantis come from Austria and have released four other CD's, and it is easy to hear they are very good musicians.

One detail I love about this kind of music is the use of both a female and a male singer. And on this CD, there is a great mix with the female singer Mellissa Feerlaak who sings very gentle and fragile and the male singer Mario Plank, who sings with a raw and powerful voice.

If I should compare Visions of Atlantis with another band, it could be Nightwish because they do have a male and a female singer as well. But when Nightwish started playing music, they were one of the first bands who used the combination of two singers. So I think as long this band uses two singers, they will be compared to Nightwish. But also the music is very similar, and the band needs a sound and mark of their own if they should be original and not just another Nightwish clone.

But if you just love Symphonic Metal go buy this!

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: René Bo Nielsen
Date: June 16th 2007