Vital Remains
Icons of Evil
Style: Death Metal
Release date: April 3th 2007

Well... if you’re into evil and brutal Death Metal this band called Vital Remains doesn’t need any presentation. Formed in 1989 and one thing is for sure… Vital Remains really do show their hatred of religion and all that it stands for. But I’m not surprised… just take a look of the member’s names and you find Glen Benton (Deicide) amongst them. So better beware of a pure evil Death Metal feast here on their brand new album titled “Icons of Evil”.


I must admit that Mr. Glen Benton is not my favourite growler but this album is still good despite of that. It’s fast, evil, hateful, satanic, and powerful and just take a look at some of the titles and you know what to expect; “Where is Your God Now”, “Icons of Evil”, “Born to Rape the World” and “Disciples of Hell”… do you get the picture?


Poor Jesus is being crucified in the intro-track “Where is Your God Now”, and this is just the start of a voyage into darkness, hell and hate. Track after track destroys every fucking holy thing in sight and the musicians are just ruthless and unrelenting as they go for your ears and throat with their all out assault on your senses. This album is just fucking evil and brutal and could very well have been written by the evil one himself… Mr. Devil.


We get everything from blastbeats to brutal guitar riffs and despite their speed and heaviness you can find “melody” in their music at times. But don’t worry… it’s still fucking brutal music. Peppered with Glen Benton’s growls, it is a one way ticket to hell.


Even though I like this album... every single track (10 of them) seems to be on the exact same level… so no real highlights, but repeated listening made me like the album more and more and I started to appreciate the album for its true strength: Powerful, evil, brutal Death Metal that crushes everything in sight.


"Icons of Evil comes with 2 different coverart works... one of them... the one I have chosen is uncensored... and with a brutal production done by Erik Rutan. And if you don't know who he is... you certainly don't need this album.

Label: Century Media Records
Provided by: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 23rd 2007