Vision Divine
The 25th Hour
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Release date: June 25th 2007

I like a good surprise, and this is a damm good one!! When I put the CD into the CD player I did not know what to expect. But after a short while I was sitting with a big grin on my face, because this is a fantastic CD.

And why is their new CD 'The 25th Hour' so good? Because Vision Divine has put some really good songs together, songs which are a great mix of speed and power combined with a lot of melody.

If I should describe their music, I would say it is a fine mixture of Melodic Powermetal along with some Progressive Metal. If I had to compare them with other groups, it might be Stratovarius, Rhapsody and maybe some Dream Theather.

The musicians are great, especially the guitar player Olaf Thorsen, who is the former guitarist of another Italian band Labyrinth, he plays with a lot of feeling, the singer Michele Luppi is great as well. The CD comes with a clear and powerful production, by Stratovarius mastermind Timo Tolkki, great artwork as well, so go bye this jewel!!

Label: Scarlet Records
Provided by: Scarlet Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: René Bo Nielsen
Date: June 19th 2007