Same/Same... But Different
Style: Party (Heavy) Rock
Release date: November 23rd 2007

Well... I remember buying the first 3 Vengeance albums back in the 80’s and I was having a good time listening to them. But I was quite disappointed with their fourth album “Arabia” from 1989 and I lost interest in them.


So, this brand new Live album entitled “Same/Same... But Different” is just like I’m  ediscovering Vengeance once again. The promo-CD I’m holding in my hands contains 10 tracks... 10 great tracks. The band seems like they are having a good time and so am I. Listening to tracks like; “Take it or Leave it”, “May Heaven Strike Me Down”, “Take Me to The Limit”, “She is The Woman” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Shower" for the first time since the 80’s makes me wanna buy a couple of beers and throw a party.


Vengeance is back in my world with a Vengeance and they can now look back onto a twenty-four year old history and they sounds fresh a so much alive here in 2007. “Same/Same... But Different” is a trip through their career... a trip I would like you to take if you’re into Party (Heavy) Rock.


The production is quite good but I’m not especially very fond of the sound of the drums... but heck... you can’t have it all. Still... this is a great Party Rock album and one thing is for sure; I have rediscovered Vengeance with this album.


So go and get “Same/Same... But Different” when it’s released November 23rd 2007 and have a

Rock ‘n’ Roll Shower!

Label: Metal Heaven
Provided by: Metal Heaven
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: October 17th 2007