United Enemies
All the Sick Things We Do
Style: Rock
Release date: April 25th 2007

Great starts to all the tracks, great music in general, good backing vocals and good solos Ė but then it ends.


When the tracks starts for real, I canít help the feeling that the lead singer is a bad-boy-wannabe, who most of all needs artificial distortion but also some forced-in agony in order to make his voice sound heavy and bad. The way he use the F**-word, makes it sound like itís only used because his mother donít want him to.


And thatís sad - because the music is actually very good - as well as original. It makes me think of Guns Ďn Roses in 1989 where Axl, Steven, Slash and Izzy took rock music to a new dimension. These guys could do the same, if they werenít so focused on having a lead singer who tries to be Axl...


Let the lead singer sing this material with his natural voice without the adopted agony - maybe it fits better, and would make me recommend this material to everybody.


One big do-over on the vocals, and then weíll hear again. Until then the United Enemies wonít be found on my sound devices.

Label: Swedmetal Records
Provided by: Swedmetal Records
Reviewed by: Kim Westh
Date: June 23rd 2007
Website: www.unitedenemies.com