The Music that will Heal the World
Style: Progressive Hard Rock/Metal
Release date: June 27th 2007

The Italian musician Daniele Liverani (Khymera, Genius Rock Opera, Empty Tremor)

is a very talented musician, that’s for sure. He started to study Classical music and piano at the early age of 6 and since then he has released numerous solo albums, the Genius Rock Opera Trilogy, and even two Melodic Rock albums with Khymera.


Now he is back in business again with another project, namely a Progressive Rock/Metal project called Twinspirits together with the Danish singer Nico Søren Adamsen on vocals, Dario Ciccioni on drums, Tommy Ermolli on guitars and Alberto Rigoni on bass.


Twinspirits’ debut album is called “The Music that will Heal the World” and we get 9 songs.

9 alright songs that need a few spins to grow, but “The Music that will Heal the World” is a pleasant surprise.


This album is kicked off with the instrumental “Projected” and it’s quite a good start. Track 2, “Back to Reality” contains a very groovy guitar riff and it develops into a good Melodic Progressive Hard Rock song with a chorus that is catchy but needs some time to sink in.


Sadly I find track 3, “What You Want” a tad boring... it’s a very calm piece of music and it’s actually quite catchy but it seems to go on forever. My favourite track on “The Music that will Heal the World” is track 5 “Power to Kill” a track that somehow remind me a tad of Symphony X. This track is more aggressive than the rest of the songs... but it's the best one in my opinion.


Despite of a few fillers, “The Music that will Heal the World” is an alright album, however Twinspirits is not quite up there with the best in Progressive Rock/Metal, but it is a pleasant surprise in my book.


Do check them out.

Label: Lion Music
Provided by: Zink Music


Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 9th 2007