Style: Power Metal
Release date: February 26th 2007

Triosphere is a four piece from Norway with something as seldom as a female bass player - ohh yeah she is also the vocalist, which is more common, Marcus Silver (Lead & rhythm guitars), Örjan Aare Jörgensen (Drums) and T.O. Byberg (Rhythm guitars) complete the line-up.

Prior to this album they have released a self financed demo CD back in 2005; only one song from that demo has made in onto this their debut album. The title track divided into four parts makes up for more than half the album; Part I is serving as an intro for "Onwards Part II (Decadent One)", which sets the pace for the remaining 47 minutes. Triosphere is playing fast and powerful traditional heavy metal with small journeys into progressive metal territory, their music often makes one think of Dio in his hay-days in the mid-80s.

All songs played with a lot of conviction, by four technical skilful musicians, the drumming on this album really stands out. I do however wish they would slow down a bit every now and then, because all of the songs are full throttle ahead for almost the entire song, with the exception of Part IV of the title track, which is a totally different ballgame.

This album is packed with powerful riffs, Ida Haukland has a very powerful voice that fits the music very well, and when the band finally slows down at the very end we are served with a wonderful classical inspired piano piece to rounds the album off...

This is a very good beginning for this Norwegian band, and 'Onwards' is a very good cornerstone for their career, and an album absolutely worth checking out...

Label: FaceFront
Provided by: True Music Promotion
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 10th 2007