Execution Live Reunion
Style: Power Metal
Release date: July 27th 2007

The Brazilian metal band Tribuzy, formed and lead by Brazilian vocalist Renato Tribuzy has prior to this live album only released one album; the all-star album featuring Bruce Dickinson, Michael Kiske, Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner, Andreas Kisser, Kiko Loureiro, Roland Grapow and Roy Z.

'Execution Live Reunion' features most of the guests from the studio album as special guests live on stage performing the songs live. One might wonder if there's a big need for two almost identical albums...? Sure the running order is different and the live atmosphere spice things up, but still...

Musically people, who know the studio album, know what to expect - add some live atmosphere and some improvisation and you'll have a pretty good impression of what's going on...

The ten live songs come across powerful and straight in your face, the band seems to have fun on stage and they deliver a good performance. The highlights include a ten minutes version of "Absolution" with Ralf Scheepers handling the vocals (Michael Kiske did them on the studio album), the cool "The Nature of Evil" and when they close the set with "Beast in the Light" with Roy Z. and Bruce Dickinson.

The album was recorded at Credicard Hall, São Paulo, Brazil, produced by Roy Z. and Renato Tribuzy, Roy Z. has also mixed this live album and the sound is very authentic and honest, not over-produced or anything. The album also includes "The Means", previously only available on the Japanese version and is also available on DVD as well.

If you are into stuff like (old) Helloween, Iron Maiden and Primal Fear, then I'd suggest you'd give this one a chance as well...

Label: MTM Music
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: September 29th 2007