Fly Paper
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: January 28th 2008

2008 starts off with the return of a long lost pal in the progressive rock community: Tiles. Four long years has passed since their latest album 'Window Dressing' saw the light of day. And to all the fans that felt a bit let down by 'Window Dressing', there's good news to report; 'Fly Paper' is more mature and darker, and simply a better album.

The albums is produced and engineered by Terry Brown (Rush), and it has plenty of hints of the grandfathers of progressive rock. If you make the plagiarism your own, and give the songs their own identity, then I do not see any harm in wearing your influences on the outside.

And to make things better (or worse) guitarist Alex Lifeson (Rush) lends them his classic signature guitar style on "Sacred and Mundane", which results in a first class progressive rock song. Alex Lifeson isn't the only prominent guest on the album: Alannah Myles helps out in the vocal department on "Back and Forth", Kim Mitchell delivers a splendid guitar solo on "Dragons, Dreams and Daring Deeds" and Hugh Syme plays keyboards on "Crowded Emptiness" and "Passing Notes" (bonus track on the initial pressing).

'Fly Paper' is significant different than its predecessor, featuring eight multi-faceted and varied songs in terms of structural density. The album is challenging and needs multiple spins before you really come to term with the complexity and intensity of the varied songs.

Tiles has taken a step towards darker and moodier songs with 'Fly Paper', and I think it suits their style and sound well, and they are clearly focussing on their strengths, which results in a musically and sonically a better experience than 'Window Dressing'.

Good one!

01. Hide in my Shadow
02. Sacred and Mundane
03. Back and Forth
04. Landscrape
05. Markers
06. Dragons, Dreams and Daring Deeds
07. Crowded Emptiness
08. Hide and Seek
09. Passing Notes (Bonus track)
Label: InsideOut Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: December 3rd 2007
Website: www.tiles-music.com