Evolution 4.0
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Release date: March 16th 2007

I awaited fourth album from Finnish five piece Thunderstone with high expectation. As they hardly can be counted as newcomers anymore, I hoped for a transition from a talented to a matured band with a style of their own. I’m not sure if that’s what we’ve got here…


As usual they have a strong production with typical power metal sound: full, crunchy and “pumped”, and clearly in the best league of the kind.


My general impression is, that the riffs and the sound has become harder and more aggressive than on the previous albums, and for someone who likes thrash as well as power, that’s a positive development.


The very recognizable vocal work of Pasi Rantanen is as always powerful and well done, but at the same time also a little disappointing for anyone who knows their previous albums, as there isn’t anything new in that area. The musical side is also well done and very tight, you can’t put a finger on the technical skills of the guys in that.


Thunderstone is a very energetic live band, I’ve seen them twice on Wacken, and they capture the live energy very well on this album.


Even though they’re in the better end of power metal bands, and I enjoyed the music as it was playing, I’m somehow left with a feeling of emptiness when the record is over – ‘cause none of the tracks really stands out and no riffs is still in my mind, after the CD has stopped spinning – sure, this is very good craftsmanship, but not that innovative or memorable, and somehow too predictable to meet my expectations.


Why the hell they joined the European Song Contest, that I associate with ultimately horrible pop songs, I just don’t understand. That Lordi was able to win the contest last year was a nice joke, and a slap in the face of the pop industry, but the funny in the situation has worn out, and I find it a bit embarrassing, if more metal bands decide to join this awful contest. Of course it’s nice to get “free” publicity in a bigger audience, but to get connected with this glitter circus of pop music, seems like a wrong career move for a serious working metal band. To my knowledge they finished second in Finland, and therefore didn’t go to the finals, and for the best, if you ask me…


The cover depicts some sort of machinery from a submarine or something like that – what that has got to do with the title I don’t quite get, but maybe that’s being too demanding?


Conclusion: A well produced, well played album that flows nicely, but without any obvious highlights – I’d like some more experiments on the next…

Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: VME (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: April 2nd 2007