The Order
Metal Casino
Style: Heavy Rock / Metal
Release date: August 24th 2007

Damn (!) this album rocks!


I’m a big fan of Swiss thrashers Gurd, so when I found out, that three former members (Spring, Andrej and Tschibu) made another band together, I simply HAD to have their latest initiative for review. Later I found out, that this is actually the bands second album, and that the music they play now has very little (read: next to nothing) to do with thrash – but guess what: I wasn’t disappointed at all!


In a time where AC/DC seems to be getting a bit old and reiterative, and Krokus (at least in my book) haven’t topped their (great) “Headhunter” album from ’83, this album is surely a fresh breath of air to the classic traditional heavy metal/heavy rock genre, that takes it a step further with a modern sound. The album contains everything from up tempo rockers to a walking ballad, and though it seems hard to come up with riffs that hasn’t been heard a million times before in a genre like this, it works for The Order: at no point does it get boring.


The singer of The Order Gianni Pontillo is also a big reason for that. He might be known to fans of mellow alternative rock (as he’s the vocal front of Pure Inc.), but here he really delivers as hard rock singer with both screams and melody, reminding me sometimes of Marc Storace (Krokus on before mentioned album), Scott Stapp (Creed), David Coverdale (Whitesnake) and the list of great singers could go on…


The sound and production is modern and yet still true to the classic sound. The sound of all instruments and the vocals is well defined, clear, crispy, crunchy and with a solid bottom end – it works!


This album has had several spins in my CD player in the car, it’s perfect for driving, and surely also well suited for a beer drinking night with the guys. And on an album where I don’t think there’s any real fillers, it doesn’t matter where it stopped last, you can pick up the mood instantly anywhere on the album. It’ll surely stay in my player for still quite some time, and I’m also going to check out their first album “Son Of Armageddon” in the nearest future.


Highly recommendable for everybody who likes good “Rock’n’Roll Metal” – Gogetitdudes!!


Recommended tracks: Damn – the lot! Could depend on my mood (and the speed limit on the road I’m driving…I don't like tickets)

Label: Dockyard1/Soulfood
Distribution: VME (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: September 4th  2007