The Bones
Burnout Boulevard
Style: Heavy (Punk) Rock’n’roll
Release date: October 22nd 2007

4th longplayer from Swedish the Bones delivers 15 songs in 39 minutes and 24 seconds (!) – just four tracks is longer than 3 minutes, so their motto could be: short, fast and furious, ‘cause this is some genuine heavy/punk rock’n’roll. There are no new inventions here, but steady rockin’:



If you remember Swedish Sator from the early 90’s and add a little more hard edge and speed with a mix of (older) AC/DC and some (post) punk influences, you’ve got a pretty good idea what the Bones is about.


The lyrics are like the alias-names of the band members (Boner, Spooky Fred, Andi Nero and Beef Bonanza) a bit cliché-like, but what the heck, who wants deep lyrics when you’re supposed to party hard?


In the beginning it can be a bit hard to tell the difference between most of the tracks, but after a few listens a few stands out (see below), and the rest is ok, if you take it for what it is: if you like to play air-guitar to some straight punk-rock riffs or miss some great party rock for your next beer drinking night with the guys (or both at the same time), this is an album for you. At least it got me shooting some riffs in the air, couldn’t help it – I like it.


Recommended tracks:

Flatline Fever (f**kin’ nice groove!), Not My Kind (damn - full throttle!), Sealed With A Fist…hell, just play it all for party time!

01. Mighty Touchdown
02. Flatline Fever
03. She hates Me (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
04. Stuck In The Mud
05. Not My Kind
06. Straight Flush Ghetto
07. Sealed With A Fist
08. Dead Weight
09. Ain't Life A Mother Fucker
10. Not Predictable
11. Destination X
12. Black Day Boogie
13. Too Many Miles
14. Fools Vacation
15. Fit In My Skin
Label: Warner Chappel
Distribution: EMI/Century Media
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: December 20th 2007