The Citadel
The Creeper
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: February 1st 2007

How do you judge a new band when all you have is 2 songs? OK - let's be fair the MCD from Swedish based band The Citadel has 3 songs; the title track in 2 versions and "The End".

The Citadel has been around since 2002 and their style has its strong roots in traditional heavy metal with influences from doom and epic metal as well. Creating a melancholic and dark atmosphere as the foundation for Jonas Radehorn's vocal acrobatics, and when he is joined by Swedish pop-icon Susie Päivärintra (???) in the catchy title song a small potion of magic is created. Sadly the second song - "The End" never reaches the same standard, but works fine with the same ground feeling and introduces a few progressive elements as well.

The Citadel has signed a deal with GMR Music and their debut album 'Brothers of Grief' should be available shortly. And this short intro surely makes me wonder what might in store for us on a complete album?

'The Creeper' offers us a good insight into the future of The Citadel and is a fine stepping stone for them...

Label: Metal Fortress Entertainment
Provided by: Metal Fortress Entertainment
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: July 25th 2007