Symphony X
Paradise Lost
Style: Melodic Progressive Power Metal
Release date: June 25th 2007

This fantastic band has been one of my favourites, since the release of THE DIVINE WINGS OF TRAGEDY, mainly because it was a perfect mixture of Progressive Metal and Power Metal, put together in a stunning and mind-blowing combination.

This was in 1997, later on in their career in the year 2000, they released V but the best SYMPHONY X album came in the year 2002, and this CD was named THE ODYSSEY. A record with a much more aggressive and complete sound.

Now we write 2007 in the calendar, and the wait is over. And the time has come for their new CD PARADISE LOST, which simply is a bombastic and epic masterpiece! Their new opus consist of 10 songs, all mainly written by the mastermind and guitar-player MICHAEL ROMEO, singer RUSSELL ALLEN has also assisted in the song-writing process.

The line-up is still the same: RUSSELL ALLEN vocals, MICHIAEL ROMEO guitars, MICHIAEL PINNELLA keyboards, MICHIAEL LEPOND bass, and JASON RULLO drums.
And thank God for that!

The first song on this fine piece of work is the dark instrumental OCULUS EX INFERNI, followed by the aggressive SET THE WORLD ON FIRE. Some of songs on this CD are parts of a concept and based loosely on JOHN MILTON'S, PARADISE LOST novel.

SYMPHONY X have always been innovative and tried new things on their CD's, and they do it here as well. Especially on the heart-breaking SACREFICE, where MICHIAEL ROMEO uses some classical guitar-playing. But I would say this CD is very similar to the 2002 release THE ODYSSEY, just as powerful and as complex as well. But now I have already said enough, if you are a fan you got to have this masterpiece!

Label: InsideOut Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: René Bo Nielsen
Date: June 23rd 2007