Sworn Enemy
Style: Thrashcore
Release date: November 12th 2007

Well... all this Thrash-Core Metal isn’t exactly my first love but Sworn Enemy surprised me positively last year (2006) with their “The Beginning of the End” album... So I decided to try out their brand new album “Maniacal” as well.


Thrash-Core is not my first love, as written above, but Sworn Enemy doesn’t disappoint me on “Maniacal”. The vocals are still very typically Hardcore but their music is more Thrash Metal than ever. The promo-CD that I’m holding in my hands contains 10 tracks. 10 tracks with lots of energy and power. 10 tracks with superb drumming and guitar riffs that leads my mind towards Slayer.


The vocals are a little monotonous in the long run in my humble opinion but the guitar runs makes up for that. Sworn Enemy do know how to Thrash like there’s no tomorrow and they keep on doing it until you hoist the white flag as a sign of capitulation.


It’s hard for me to name any standout tracks because they are all very good, but maybe track 8 “No End to This Nightmare" is a tad better than the rest in my humble opinion. This track rules, boys and girls.


This album is must buy for every genre fans. And old school Thrash Metal fans should check it out too.


Thumbs up.

01. Ignorance
02. Time to Rage
03. A Place of Solace
04. Weather the Storm
05. Destroyer
06. The American Way
07. Fear for Failure
08. No End to This Nightmare
09. Talk is Cheap
10. Said and Done
Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 69/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: November 21st 2007
Website: www.swornenemy.com