A Great Divide
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: March 20th 2007

Out of the blue comes this progressive metal feast from US of A. Suspyre has prior to this album released one album 'The Silvery Image', which should be more in the power metal vein. But this their second album is intense, diverse and complex progressive metal all the way...

We are dealing with a conceptual piece divided into 2 big Opus' entitled "Opus II: The Alignment of Galaxies" (34:16) and "Opus III: The Origin of Curse" (36:05) - don't ask me what happened to Opus I? Each Opus is divided into 6 parts, so we get a total of 12 breathtaking songs.

The technical level is very high - just take a listen to the brilliant almost 10 minutes long instrumental "Galactic Backward Movements" to be convinced. Their sound and style brings up some reminiscence of Eternity X - progressive metal with some nice jazzy and classical inspired parts. Razor-sharp breaks, pounding drums and a good vocal deliverance from Clay Barton is just some the things that make this album interesting.

Into progressive metal? Then make sure this album lands at your place any time soon, because this is absolutely worth your attention and should please genre fans quite a bit.

Label: Nightmare Records
Provided by: Silent Planet Promotions
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 15th 2007