Spheric Universe Experience
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: May 25th 2007

Let's keep this simple: if you love technical and powerful progressive metal then you need to experience Spheric Universe Experience. 'Anima' is their sophomore release and I must admit that this one surpasses even my wildest dreams - it has it all; from the extremely technical parts, thru the fine emotional parts to fast and furious pedal to the metal parts.

Like it's the case for most progressive metal bands these days they have been looking over the shoulder of Dream Theater on more than one occasion, but it's at no point a total rip-off. Spheric Universe Experience possesses a solid portion of originality and an identity of their own.

'Anima' is a very mature and convincing album, which might not sink in straight ahead. The songs have depth and are all performed by 5 very gifted musicians, who surely know how to write and record challenging music for us, the listeners.

The album sounds complete and all songs are small gems with a sound that is fitting to their style. Guitarist Vince Benaim is the 'star' of the quintet; his leads and riff-attacks on this album are awesome, keyboard player Fred Colombo has a role equivalent to Jordan Rudess' in Dream Theater and he shines in the same way, the rhythm section is solid and lays down some serious rhythms for the songs and vocalist Franck Garcia is sound and fits the music perfectly.

Overall we are served a versatile and timeless palette of technical progressive metal, which surely should make fans of Fates Warning, Pain of Salvation and Dream Theater happy. Great album from a very interesting up-coming band that surely deserves a little bit of your attention if you are into this kind of music.

Label: Sensory Records
Provided by: IntroMental Management
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: June 17th 2007
Website: www.sphericuniversexp.com