World Entry
Style: Hard Rcok / Melodic Metal
Release date: June 29th 2007

Swedish band STONELAKE’s first full-length album “Reincarnation” (2005) didn’t do much for me so I had almost no expectations to this, their brand new album called “World Entry”. Well…. let’s say I’m positively surprised… not that this album is a masterpiece in my humble

opinion but it’s an enjoyable and a solid piece of work.


“World Entry” is a tad heavier than Reincarnation”… but just a tad. Bands like; PAGAN’S MIND, TNT, CRIMSON GLORY, DANGER DANGER, TESLA and even LED ZEPPELIN comes to mind when I listen to “World Entry”.


I must admit that it took this album numerous spins in my hard-tried CD-player to grow on me…I was very disappointed at first. I found that the songs lacked memorable riffs and catchy choruses… the songs left my ears just as quickly as they had entered them. But of course I gave it another chance… and another… and so on… and now several listens later I find it okay and solid… but certainly not outstanding.


Let’s get back to the guitar-riffs shall we? At first they were quite uninteresting in my opinion but now I really like ‘em. They are crunchy and heavy and the crystal clear and awesome production does add a few points in my book… but I still miss a catchy chorus now and then. This album does win a little with every spin so don’t give up on it and throw it in the bin if doesn’t hit you at first. Give it the time it needs to grow.


The promo I’m sitting here with contains 9 tracks and once again… the production is awesome and so is the cover artwork.  Do check it out if you’re into Hard Rock and Melodic Metal.


Recommended tracks: "Deal With The Devil" and "Body Talk"

Label: Metal Heaven
Provided by: Metal Heaven
Artwork rating: 89/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 19th 2007