Steen Grøntved
Night Vision Goggles
Style: Instrumental Fusion/Jazz/Rock
Release date: April 25th 2007

I must admit that this album took me by surprise and do have in mind that Fusion/Jazz/Rock

isn’t exactly my first love. Steen Grontved (Grøntved in Danish) is a Danish session guitarist that I really don’t think I’ve ever heard of?


 “Night Vision Goggles” is his first solo album and a pleasant surprise in my book. I usually find

this kind of music quite boring. Most of it is nothing more than background music to me and only musicians are interested in listening to 2 hours of Jazzy rhythms and guitar solos that all sound the same.


Not every of the 12 tracks are interesting but most of them are. Just listen to the first track, “Timber” it’s atmospheric, slow but suddenly up tempo. This track demands a lot from the listener and you should sit down, be quiet and give it a listen a “feel” the guitar playing from Steen.


Another highlight is track 5 “Run”. When Steen composed this tune it was actually meant to be a Satriani-like tune and it does sounds like Mr. Satriani. Steen’s guitar playing is out of this world on this track but the rhythm guitar should have been more upfront in my humble opinion.


Well... and then we have track 6... “Bye”... A different version of an internationally famous song, in Danish called ”Mester Jacob” it’s very relaxing to just sit back and enjoy Steen’s playing on this beautiful short track.


Track 8, “My Butterfly” is a beautiful and calm ‘8-finger tapping tune’... short but it manage to keep me interested.


Track 10 is quite interesting too... I see beautiful landscapes when I listen to it. Splendid work.

This album ends with “Find The Pick”... it’s a “slap-tune” on a Spanish guitar. A funny track to listen to but a great short track.


If you need to unwind or relax this album could do the trick and I will contact Steen and ask him if he could find the time to give me some guitar lessons. Just kidding :)

Label: Lion Music
Provided by: Zink Music


Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 7th 2007