Horns of Silence
Style: Folk influenced Power Metal
Release date: February 28th 2007

Italian band SpellBlast was formed in 1999 and in 2004 they released a demo CD entitled “Ray of Time” and now it’s time for their first full-length album.  

The album is called “Horns of Silence” and contains 9 songs. 9 songs of Folk Influenced Power Metal that reminds me a tad of Elvenking and Falconer, but also bands like Thy Majesty and Domine and even Rhapsody of Fire comes to mind when I’m listening to this brand new release. 

This album needed a few spins before I was hooked but now I like it a lot. The songs are easy to tell apart and in my humble opinion quite catchy. Take a listen to track 4 “Glory To The Gem” and you’ll hear a chorus that sticks like glue and I know that some might call it cheesy because this track is pure “Happy-Metal” but is there something wrong with being happy??? 

I see myself as fairly open minded when it comes to Rock music. I’m into everything from Hard Rock to the most brutal and bone chrushning Metal and when I’m in the mood for Folk Influenced Metal SpellBlast will do just fine. 

The production is fine too, and do check this band out if you are into above mentioned bands. 

Good buy.

Label: Metal Crusade Records
Provided by: Metal Crusade Records
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 6th 2007
Website: www.spellblast.com