Soul Doctor
Blood Runs Cold
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: September 28th 2007

08/15 Hard Rock like we've heard so many times before from so many other bands. Well crafted, well written and well produced - a very gifted guitarist, who more than once proves how skilful he is with a blistering lead, a good riff and so on...

No good hard rock band without a good vocalist. And Soul Doctor has one of the better voices in rock; Tommy Heart (Ex-Fair Warning), who displays his skills throughout this album. He has a very emotional and soulful voice, which is a very good fit for these 10 songs.

Soul Doctor isn't revolutionising hard rock - instead they have created ten entertaining rock songs, which spans from melodic ballad-like tunes to standard hard rock. Everything has their strong foundation in their roots, and the album ends up being a solid piece of rock, which surely will please many hard rock fans.

A good party album, which flows nicely down the stream... Good enough to make a small splash in the sea of hard rock, but not strong enough to make a wave...

Label: Metal Heaven
Provided by: Metal Heaven
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: August 24th 2007