Style: Doom metal
Release date: April 27th 2007

I have before had the displeasure of reviewing Solstice and now I’m doomed to repeat the past by listening to the re-release of their debut album ‘Lamentations’. And does it ever suck as much as I had envisioned, but then again, I'm definetely not the right one to review this cd by one of the so-called purveyors of epic doom metal.


As said previously (see review of Solstice’s ‘New Dark Age’, May 2007), the premise here is some sort of doom metal in the vein of Candlemass. Solstice delivers what to me exceptionally false and embarrassing vocals accompanied by slow, monotonous rhythms and riffs. It certainly does not live up to anything epic for me. This being said, I can now see that the band has evolved from Lamentations to their final work New Dark Age, even though I find such a small progression sad. 


I can appreciate the comical relief provided by these British doom guys, but there is absolutely no way I can enjoy this garage music.  I can't see the point in droning on about how bad this is, so I'll end by saying that the 15 points given here reflect that I have heard worse. Much worse. For fans of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus - try your luck if you dare.

Label: Cyclone Empire
Provided by: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Christian Skjødt
Date: June 20th 2007
Website: Solstice