Emiliano Sicilia
Devotion Materialize

Release date: June 2006
Label: Horus Music
Provided by: Emiliano Sicilia
Website: www.emilianosicilia.com
Style: Industrial-Horror Metal
Rating: 79/100
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 8th 2007

Emiliano Sicilia was born in Milan, Italy, 1977 and at the age of 10 he was getting fond of music and guitars. He devoted 7 years of his young life to private lessons of Classic and Flamenco guitar and after reaching full mastery of his instrument he gave private lessons for 6 years.

Well, back to 2007 and I’m sitting here with Emiliano Siciliano’s full-length debut album titled “Devotion Materialize”… and my first reaction after a few listens was that this guy must be a little crazy. We get 7 tracks of what he call “Industrial-Horror Metal” and I do think that this is the right description of his music.

We get everything here… Metal, Funk, Industrial, Electronic, Folk, Blues, Country and flamenco spiced with both clean vocals and growls.

I must admit that this album needs a few spins to grow but after a while… maybe 6 to 7 spins it actually sounds quite good. Emiliano Sicilia doesn’t need to hide behind the big guitar-heroes out there, because not only can he shred as well as the best of them but he’s got a quite a distinct style that I find myself quite attracted to.

I never feel bored when I listen to it, and I discover new things with every listen. I find it exceptionally technical but also extremely accessible and not just a million boring guitar-solos but Metal peppered with all kinds of different styles as mentioned above. I find every track quite good but if I should name one track that I find really amazing it will be track number 2 “Splatter on a Bluegrass”. This track starts with a short guitar-solo and bursts right into a mix of Flamenco with aggressive vocals (growls). Suddenly it changes into a totally crazed Country style… and then Tango… and then back to Flamenco… very amusing and a more than fantastic track.

“Devotion Materialize” is maybe not for every one but if you’re into Metal mixed with all kinds of music give it a try and discover a fantastic guitarist.