Style: Progressive Power Metal
Release date: August 10th 2007

Vocalist Robert Forse (Heads or Tales, Afterglow) and guitarist Tobias Andersson (Seven Wishes) got together back in 2003 with the purpose to write songs with focus on strong melodies for a new band, which led to Shadowland. The need for a drummer soon arose and they turned their attention to Olle Rod'ehn, who together with the last piece of the puzzle; bass player Jörgen Jönsson (Damned Nation) builds the foundation for this first album on the brand new GerMusica label.

It goes without saying that we are dealing with some very skilful musicians, who let their various influences and styles flow into the music. The outcome is a fine mixture of power, progressive and melodic metal with the focus on a good melody line to tie the songs together.

The album has its moments, but sadly there are too many so-so tracks, which make this album an uneven experience to listen to. Things kick off on a high note with one of strongest songs on the album; "Can You Tell Me", then we are presented with a few songs that never really excite me before the next highlight is reached with "Perfection"... sadly this trend continues throughout the album.

'Falling' offer us: a good guitar player, a good vocalist, a solid rhythm section, a good production, a cool artwork and a selection of songs with a few highlights and too many songs that fall into the category "just ok".

A fine debut album, which should put Shadowland on the map, but it'll never bring them fame and fortune. They need to bring something special to the table to surprise the metal community and this album does no such thing...

Label: GerMusica Promotion
Provided by: GerMusica Promotion
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: August 6th 2007