Severe Torture
Sworn Vengeance
Style: Death Metal
Release date: November 12th 2007

Well... Severe Torture was formed back in 1997 and they have provided us with quite good Death Metal since their first release; “Baptized” (Demo) in 1998.


Now back to 2007 and to their latest release, namely “Sworn Vengeance”. Severe Torture does not disappoint me in any way (except for one track) and they are still blasting out Death Metal in the same vein as Cannibal Corpse among others. There are even a few riffs and guitar runs to be found that lead my mind towards the excellent Australian band Psycroptic.


“Sworn Vengeance” is not suitable for background music, because if you only listen to it with one ear you’ll miss all the awesome guitar riffs that this album is packed with. Even though the rhythm section is splendid... it’s the guitar runs that amaze me... Most of the riffs are phenomenal to put it simple. There’s only one track that bores the hell out of me.... and it’s the last track “Submerged in Grief”... the rest of the songs are fucking great.


Well... this is not groundbreaking in any way but go and get this album, throw it in your CD-player, turn off the lights and close your eyes and listen to the guitar runs... and I’m sure that you will be hooked too.


The production is also great... it’s crystal clear and powerful so if you like your Death Metal Technical but still brutal... then you need this album, that’s for sure.

01. Dismal Perception
02. Serenity Torn Asunder
03. Fight Something
04. Repeat Offender
05. Countless Villains
06. Dogmasomatic Nausea
07. Redefined Identity
08. Buried Hatchet
09. Sworn Vengeance
10. Submerged in Grief
Label: Earache Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: October 30th 2007