Seven Tears
In Every Frozen Tear
Style: Dark Melodic Metal
Release date: December 7th 2007

This new young Swedish band has gone through different phases in their career before ending up where they are today. Starting in the early parts of this century by two very young schoolboys’ aged thirteen playing straight forward power metal never reaching anything. Then they decided to change attitude and brought in a female vocalist, the new line-up was known as Atlantica and they released a highly acclaimed demo in 2005.

Things really started rolling when Kristofer von Wachtenfeldt joined the band and brought in a whole new approach to things, which lead to a name change and Seven Tears was born. The new mature style called for a change on the vocal front and Zoran Djorem was brought in to complete the line-up. They cut a demo together 'The Story Unfolds', which was released a year ago and now they have their debut album lined up for the masses...

So where do Seven Tears fit in, in the big and ever-growing Swedish Metal scene? Their dark melodic metal with catchy choruses is located somewhere in the big, big grey zone between Evergrey and Journey. On one hand we have the power metal references with a few progressive elements, and on the other we have the melodic AOR feel, which has references to some of the great American representatives in that genre.

Twelve well cut and executed songs are the outcome of this very good debut album from a young and upcoming Swedish band with all the talent in the world to make it. It's pretty impressive how the Swedish scene just keeps adding new and talented bands to their ranks...

An impressive beginning, one which surely deserves your attention if you count other Swedish metal bands like Evergrey, Darkwater or Tears of Anger among your favourite Swedish bands.

Good one!

01. Twist of Fate
02. Faded Memory
03. Hollow Ground
04. Reflections
05. All Alone
06. In Every Frozen Tear
07. Sorrows
08. Prayer for the Dying
09. The Story Unfolds
10. Dream of Insanity
11. Fragments
12. Truth of Tomorrow
Label: Frontiers Records
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier / Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: November 26th 2007