Words Untold & Dreams Unlived
Style: Progressive Power Metal
Release date: April 30th 2007

Serenity comes from Austria they were formed in 2001 and after some line-up changes late 2003 early 2004 the line-up has been the same since March 2004. A six track demo-CD called ‘Starseed V.R.’ was released in 2002, in 2005 they were on the Rage tribute album ‘Back in Time’ with the track “Set This World on Fire” from the ‘Unity’ album, also in 2005 a second demo-CD ‘Engraved Within’ was released.


Serenity’s debut album ‘Words Untold & Dreams Unlived’ has turned out to be an excellent power metal album with a progressive touch. Songs like “Engraved Within”, “From Where the Dark is Born”, “Thriven” and “Dead Man Walking” is probably some of the best music to come out of Austria since Stygma IV split up in November 2005.


The album is stuffed with catchy tunes, strong vocals and outstanding riffs. It sounds a bit like Sonata Arctica meets Kamelot. It’s all packed in a great cover-artwork and topped by a classy production by Jan Vacik (Dreamscape).


Well done.

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: May 15th 2007