Fly to the Sun
Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: January 18th 2008

'Fly to the Sun' is the second album from Sandalinas... their first one is called 'Living on the Edge'. Iím not familiar with 'Living...' so I canít compare it to this brand new one. The promo-CD Iím holding in my hands contains 12 songs... 12 Melodic Metal songs with no surprises. Jordi Sandalinas knows his way around his instrument (guitar), thatís for sure and singer Rick Altzi (At Vance) is also doing a fine job, however the band need better songs to make it out there.


Well... we get 12 songs, as written above, but only 3 of them has left a mark in my brain; The opening track and title-track 'Fly to the Sun', the very catchy semi-ballad ďAs the Rain FallsĒ  and ďDouble CrossĒ that leads my mind towards Iron Maiden.


3 great songs out of 12 are simply not enough for me. Well... the rest of the songs are not bad by any means... but they are only a tad above average in my humble opinion. 'Fly to the Sun' is produced by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) ... and the production is top-notch.


Check it out in January 2008, but listen before you buy!

01. Fly to the Sun
02. Never Seen Before
03. Bad Dreams
04. Back from the Light
05. No Matter What
06. As the Rain Falls
07. Double Cross
08. Ring of Fire
09. The Wrongs Side of Me
10. Shadows in the Rain
11. The Healer Talks
12. Season in the Sand
Label: Metal Heaven
Provided by: Metal Heaven
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: December 9th