Rose Tattoo
Blood Brothers
Release date: February 16th 2007
Label: Armageddon Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Style: Rock 'n' Roll Metal
Rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: February 10th 2007

30 years in music surely makes Rose Tattoo veterans, and theyíre still rockiníÖ

The band had their big period from the late 70ís to the mid-80ís, being one of the few bands along with AC/DC to give aussie-rock/metal a profile.

The style on ďBlood BrothersĒ is the well known bluesy rockíníroll metal style, a mixture of (older) AC/DC (Bon Scott-period), NWOBHM and straight blues-rock, with the bands special spice slide-guitar added. No fancy stuff, ďjustĒ real steady RíníR. I think it maybe gets a bit to lean-back in the long run, in my opinion the album is too short of some real up-tempo kick-ass rockers. Angry Anderson really has the right voice for this kind of music, and itís still a strong lead along with crunchy guitars and solid rock drums.

Itís really impressive, that the guys are capable of carrying on in the business, in spite of age (sorry, no offence guys) and personal and musical setbacks. Peter Wells and Ian Rilen, two of the founding members, passed away in 2006, both because of cancer (RIP), and this almost was the end of the band, but P.W. encouraged the others to go on. Hat off to keeping up the Rockíníroll-spirit going.

The sound is as it should be for real rockíníroll: direct, raw and almost like live Ė just fine.

Are you (still) into rínír/metal the aussie-way, then Rose Tattoo is still holding up the bannerÖ

Recommended tracks: Slipping Away (ass kickiní rock, with a Van Halen-like intro (!?)), Once In A Lifetime (slow walkiní boogie), Man About Town (very (old-style) AC/DC-like)