Style: Heavy Rock
Release date: April 20th 2007

I’m sitting here with the third album from Razorback entitled “Deadringer” and find myself somewhere between heaven and hell. Razorback was founded in 2002 but It’s my first close encounter with them but maybe not the last, because most of the 11 tracks there are to be found on “Deadringer” is quite okay.


Razorback (Stefan Berggren, Vocals – Rolf Munkes, Lead and Rhythm guitars – Chris Heun, Bass and Rhythm Guitars – Mike Terrana, Drums) reminds me a tad of Dio and Saxon (a few tracks) and their music is well crafted and then again I miss something…


“Deadringer” kicks my ass with the first 5 tracks (an intro included) and especially the title-track “Deadringer” and “Hero” are good. The first time I listened to “Hero”, I thought it was Dio singing… and even the music sounds very close to a Dio track… quite good.


Then something happens… the level drops a tad on the last 6 tracks and I’m left a little disappointed. Not that the last 6 tracks are bad but they are not above average in my humble opinion. A few of the tracks are simply too bluesy for my taste.


The production is powerful and the cover artwork is more than okay so, all in all an okay album from Razorback but I’m sure that they can come up with better songs for their next album.


Listen before you buy.

Label: AOR Heaven
Provided by: GerMusica Promotion
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 18th 2007
Website: www.razorback-online.com