Take Cover
Style: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Release date: November 9th 2007

When one of my all-time favourite bands takes the time to pay tribute to some of their favourites, then I stop and listen...

Surely they have picked some rather obscure songs, which I would never have though had some kind of importance for any metal band. But one the other hand there are also more obvious choices...

Best moments on this album is the cool opener: 'Welcome to the Machine' (Pink Floyd), my personal favourite: the cool version of 'Innuendo' (Queen) (I have always loved the awesome lead in the middle part), a very good version of 'Synchronicity II' (The Police), the alternative sounding version of 'Neon Knights' (Black Sabbath), and the album is closed with a good version of 'Bullet the Blue Sky' (U2), here in a live version from the Q2K tour.

None of the songs reaches the level they set with their version of 'Scarborough Fair' (Simon and Garfunkle), but all of the songs have been given a Queensr˙che feel and Geoff Tate does still belong in the Champions League. Not for Metal purists - actually this is for fans only, and only for the most hard core ones...

01. Welcome to the Machine
02. Heaven on Their Mind
03. Almost Cut My Hair
04. For What It's Worth
05. For the Love of Money
06. Innuendo
07. Neon Knights
08. Synchronicity II
09. Red Rain
10. Odissea
11. Bullet the Blue Sky (Live)
Label: Rhino Entertainment
Distribution: Warner Music Group
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: November 21st 2007
Website: www.queensryche.com