Primal Fear
New Religion
Style: Melodic Metal / Heavy Metal
Release date: September 24th 2007

Well.... I’m quite curious to see and hear how Primal Fear fans will receive this brand new album by their favourite Metal band because Primal Fear has changed their sound a bit.

Primal Fear of the year 2007 is more melodic and bombastic than ever. But bands do evolve you know... and I’m very, very sure that some will welcome their new and more melodic and bombastic style, peppered with modern touches. However I’m also quite sure that some will be very disappointed with their new path.


Don’t worry... there are still enough very typical Primal Fear stompers to satisfy your hunger for “Judas Priest-like” Heavy Metal. Just take a listen to tracks like “Blood on Your Hands”, that contains a chorus that’s very close to a Slayer melody-line. Or the speedy “Too Much Time”, one of the best Primal Fear tracks ever recorded in my humble opinion. The heavy “Psycho” and “World on Fire” are worth mentioning too. Especially “World on Fire” is great... fucking catchy chorus... infectious.


It is tracks like “Face the Emptiness” with its very catchy chorus, “Fighting the Darkness” a song divided into 3 different parts and the semi-ballad “Everytime it Rains” that very well could disappoint a few fans... or a lot of fans. Let's wait and see.


On “Everytime it Rains” Epica’s lead singer Simone Simons was invited to the studio to sing the first duet in Primal Fear recording history. Well... even though I like Simone’s voice I must admit that this track is a little disappointing. But... it’s the only track that doesn’t do it for me on this album.

Personally I find this album refreshing and catchy and Primal Fear sound more mature somehow in the melodies and arrangements.


The production is powerful and crystal clear but the cover artwork is horrible in my opinion. But it's the music that counts so let it grow on you and you’ll see that Primal Fear has released one of their best albums to date.


Good Buy : )

Label: Frontiers Records
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: September 17th 2007