Crossing Over
Style: Melodic Progressive Rock
Release date: June 4th 2007

I was impressed with P:O:B's critically acclaimed second demo CD 'The Second Monologue' back in August 2005, so it was with great anticipation I open the package containing the debut album 'Crossing Over' from this Norwegian rock band.

The Pedestrians are walking down the sideway chosen on their demo CD's, never crossing over to the other side. All 3 songs from the second demo CD have made it onto their debut album, and there is no significant difference between those songs and the rest of the material. The album kicks off with a song off the before mentioned demo CD "Father & Son", a song that sets the pace and tone for the rest of the eventful ride into the universe of P:O:B (Pedestrians of Blue).

Eleven more inspired, well played and unique songs follows and none of them fails to impress me, their style is still progressive rock with just the right amount of melody and class. No expenses have been spared on 'Crossing Over', which was produced by the founding members Torfinn Sirnes (guitars) and Johannes St°le (vocals), mixed by Daniel Flores and mastered by Mika Jussila, so those pieces are in place and the sound is great.

Founding members Torfinn and Johannes are the centre of attention, with Torfinn delivering some brilliant guitar riffs and leads, and Johannes, who has a very unique voice, which sets the band apart from so many other bands, delivering the goods as well. Together they have created a fine, enjoyable and catchy album, which I hope will gain them the recognition they deserve.

The album should appeal to fans of such varied bands as Supertramp, A.C.T, Queensr che ('Empire' & 'Promised Land'-era), Dream Theater, Toto and Black Sabbath. The album is available on their own FishFarm Records label, and I suggest you'd give it a try...

Label: FishFarm Records
Provided by: P:O:B
Distribution: See website
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: June 26th 2007
Website: www.pob.com