Nine Point Circuit
Style: Alternative Rock
Release date: September 20th 2007

'Nine Point Circuit' is the debut album from the Danish band Pinchbeck.


The first thing that strikes me when I listen to this CD is the bad, bad sound quality. This CD actually sounds better when it is being played through a set of headphones that I'm not wearing.


The next thing is the music itself. The band claims to be inspired by bands like Tool and Alice in Chains. That may be so, but they seem to be focusing on the most boring and monotonous parts of said bands.


All in all, this CD leaves very little to like about it. The best I can say is that unlike most CD's we get to review, this one came in a jewel case. I think I'll keep that...

Label: Turmoil Lab
Distribution: None
Reviewed by: Benny Skou Rasmussen
Date: October 14th 2007