Style: Hard Rock
Release date: August 3rd 2007

Detroit based hard rock band Overloaded is back with another high-energy hard rock album. I am talking about music with the same level of intensity that bands like Cinderella, Dangerous Toys and Skid Row created back in the days when Hard Rock was at its prime.

It is a big mystery to me why no label hasn't had the guts to sign such a fine and entertaining band like Overloaded. Just like it was the case with the bands mentioned above, Overloaded is working their asses off, touring and playing live gaining a reputation as a strong unit live on stage. And they will continue to play hard, write great rock hard and believe in their music, no matter what happens...

They have clearly moved forward since their last couple of EP's, and come across as a much stronger and more mature unit. 'Regeneration' is a raw and energetic piece of hard rock, where their 'fuck you' approach to things shines through. Everything has taken a step or two forward from the song writing, the musicianship and to the production - and even if this album doesn't open up some label employees eyes and ears, then I am sure Overloaded will continue creating great hard rock and tour their asses off...

If you are into raw hard rock with an attitude, then I suggest you give these guys a chance. I surely think they have the skills and the attitude to gain more - well deserved - attention beyond the Detroit area.

Good one!

Label: Overloaded Music
Provided by: Overloaded
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: August 15th 2007
Website: www.overloadedmusic.com